The Basics of Home Staging

Are you willing to put your house on the market? Then preparation and presentation will be the most important keys to enhancing the value of your quickly. Your potential buyers must get attracted to your house first of all the look of both interior and exterior should be appealing. Home staging is an art. A buyer should be able to visualize how they will personalize their new home, so the stage you set must give a natural feel. Visualization is a very important step in home staging. If the buyers can develop a personal connection to the living area they will invest in it.

Benefits of home staging

  • It helps a prospective buyer visualize living in the home
  • Helps to increase the amount of the offer
  • It can lead to the house spending less time on the market.

What are your home staging options?

There are three possible ways to stage your home which are,

  • Do it yourself(DIY)
  • Get help from the real estate agent
  • Hire a professional home stager

Out of these types, choose the one that suits your budget and situation. If you don’t want to spend more money, DIY is the best option. With repairs and home design, you can add value to your home by adding new curtains, repainting, decluttering, removing old photos and decor, cleaning, etc. To add a fresh touch just keep house plants, candles, and a diffuser.

Home staging process

Each room must be appealing, let’s get into it

Living room

  • Pull furniture away from the walls
  • Remove personal photos and decor
  • Put cords and wires out of sight
  • Update lighting
  • If you have dark curtains, replace them with the neutral-colored ones
  • Remove unnecessary furniture to create more space
  • Add flowers or attractive decor (vases, throw pillows, candles, coffee table books)
  • Hang the largest piece of art on your largest wall.

Dining room

  • Add house plants, a bowl of fruit, or a flower arrangement.
  • Improve lighting
  • Declutter
  • Set the table to give a good ambiance


  • Remove personal items
  • Add pillow and throw blankets
  • Declutter the closets and bookshelves
  • Change the bedding frequently to give a fresh look
  • Organize clothes on the hanger.


  • Declutter the cabinets
  • Update or repaint cabinets if they look old
  • Replace old faucets, knobs
  • Detect the leaks and fix it
  • Clean the refrigerator
  • Clean all the appliances (oven, toaster, coffee maker, kettle)


  • Keep the toilet seat down 
  • Fix any leaks
  • Clean the mirrors, the toilet, the floor, the shower, or the tub
  • Organize and declutter any drawers, cupboards, or closets
  • Hang new, clean towels in a neutral color
  • Replace the faucets and a showerhead if they’re old
  • Outside/Curb appeal
  • Add flower boxes or potted plants or plant flowers
  • Remove dead leaves
  • Clear away any debris
  • Upgrade lighting fixtures and doorknobs
  • Fix cracks in the sidewalks
  • Trim the trees and the bushes
  • Touch up/repaint the exterior of the house if necessary

Implement all these ideas before selling the house. It will attract the buyers and convince them to invest in it.