10 Signs That Your Home Has Foundation Problems

Most of us don’t think of house foundation until it gets too serious, issues with home foundation can quickly become a huge problem. Identifying the issues early saves you money and prevents the significant issue. Here are 10 signs that your home has foundation problems,

1. Exterior wall cracks

Check whether there are any cracks along the exterior walls of your home, if you notice such cracks immediate action is needed. Even small cracks should be inspected. However, large exterior cracks may be a sign of foundation issues.

2. Doors and windows sticking

If the door and windows are stuck then it’s a common sign that your foundation is settling.

3. Interior wall cracks

Always keep an eye for cracks along the walls inside your home. If the cracks are in a diagonal direction off the corners of either door or window then it’s a sign of a foundation problem. The larger the crack line, the bigger the problem so take quick actions to fix it.

4. Bowing walls

If you can see the diagonal cracks on the inside or outside of the wall then it can indicate bowing. Fix the bowing issue as soon as possible.

5. Uneven and sagging floors

If you have a doubt that your floors are uneven and sagging then check by rolling a marble across the floor and see whether it goes in a straight path or veers towards the center of the room.

6. Basement and crawl space moisture

If there are cracks in your foundation then water will easily enter your basement or crawl space. You will feel a foul smell in those areas. If you get such odor then it’s a sign of a serious issue.

7. Nail pops in walls

These are actually small, cracked circles where the nail pulls away from the wall.

8. Gaps between walls, windows, or doors

Look for gaps in the interior and exterior areas of your home. Also, check patios or decks that are attached to the house. If there are gaps above the kitchen cabinets or countertop then it’s a sign of a foundation problem.

9. Cracked floor tile

Damage on floor tiles is usual but if you notice cracks across multiple tiles don’t ignore the issue.

10. Sunken Floors or Sinking Foundation

If you notice the ground sinking near the foundation then it could be a big foundation issue.

Call the professionals to fix the problem as soon as you know about it. Don’t wait until it becomes a huge disaster.